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In the year 1998, I started working on Baan IV b2. One of my first end-to-end implementation was a small industrial value manufacturing company called Virgo Engineers Ltd, being fresh out of IIT Bombay, I was full of enthusiasm. Baan became one of the best thing I had learned ever. VirgoBaan Implementation lasted for more than 15 months, during the same, we also worked on few other implementations like Dana Spicer, Thermax Chemicals and so on.

In 2008 again, after a decade I happen to head a Baan implementation project as head of IT (CIO for http://www.mcc.es in India,spanish multinational), after working on most of ERP and BI solution I left that there are some situations where Baan is best.

Baan is one of those companies, where product strength surpassed the strength of company, Baan company went through troubled times for several years and hence was sold multiple times, but anybody who has worked or consulted on Baan can vouch for its strength.

Idea of Baansupport.com came out of following thoughts

To help companies who are end-users of Baan
To help Baan implementation companies to come to a common place and share there ideas
To ensure that Baan implementations( which are in thousands) across the globe keep on reaping benefits of this beautiful ERP system
Here are some of the important facts about Baan
In 1998 Baan was globally number 2 ERP company
At the peak Baan had 13000 enterprise ERP customers
The largest ERP customers of all times, Boeing is still on Baan for more than 15 years
Most of the Baan customers do not shift because of product,but out of commercial complusions
Baan Partner-ecosystem is getting better and better by everyday.
To get lot of how-to’s and quick guides you can also logon to http://forum.baansupport.com and http://blog.baansupport.com

Do write to us on info@baansupport.com for any of your problems/issues/concerns or consulting help requirements.
Also Baan implementation partners do write to us for advertisements.

Baan Quick Guides

Baan Quick Guides are one of the best points to start discovering Baan functionality. Use this area of Baansupport.com to explore Baan Quick Guides. Following links could be invaluable help to anybody working in Baan Tools, Baan Administration, I have found them invaluable for years.

Baan Installation Using ttiex1284 This is one of the most important session which is required by all Baan Administrators
How to Validate Baan host in a network It is often required to do multiple baan host validations in a network, use this guide to know how to do this.
Relocating Baan Environment to new Host Often times most of the companies, are required to shift Baan environment to totally new hardware platform
Creating new Company using Baan 4
Recovering Baan from Backup
How to handle Baan license that is about to expire
Repairing tables of Baan
Inserting Patch VRC in Baan IV
Licensing and Validation of Baan
Re-licensing Baan after hardware failure

Baan Implementation involves following steps

Formation of Key User Committee and Steering Committee at the start of Implementation
User Training
Conference Room Pilot I
Customization Requirements
Conference Room Pilot II
Customization Requirements


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